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Wine Ratings (or Wine Scores) are a rating system, usually on a scale that reaches to 100 points, with 100 being the best. There are also systems that only go to 5 or to 10. In case you were wondering here are a few rating systems from known publications. The ratings may be based on the experiences of experts, but that does not mean you will like a 99 point wine more than an 89 point wine since your taste preference might be different. The tasting notes that often accompany the ratings can be helpful though in getting a feel of what the wine may taste like.

Wine Enthusiast Rating System

Classic 98-100: The pinnacle of quality.
Superb 94-97: A great achievement.
Excellent 90-93: Highly recommended.
Very Good 87-89: Often good value; well recommended.
Good 83-86: Suitable for everyday consumption; often good value.
Acceptable 80-82: Can be employed in casual, less-critical circumstances.
Wines receiving a rating below 80 are not reviewed.


Wine Advocate (Robert Parker) Rating System

96-100: An extraordinary wine of profound and complex character displaying all the attributes expected of a classic wine of its variety. Wines of this caliber are worth a special effort to find, purchase, and consume.
90 – 95: An outstanding wine of exceptional complexity and character. In short, these are terrific wines.
80 – 89: A barely above average to very good wine displaying various degrees of finesse and flavor as well as character with no noticeable flaws.
70 – 79: An average wine with little distinction except that it is a soundly made. In essence, a straightforward, innocuous wine.
60 – 69: A below average wine containing noticeable deficiencies, such as excessive acidity and/or tannin, an absence of flavor, or possibly dirty aromas or flavors.
50 – 59: A wine deemed to be unacceptable.


Wine Spectator Rating System

95-100: Classic; a great wine
90-94: Outstanding; a wine of superior character and style
85-89: Very Good; a wine with special qualities
80-84: Good; a solid, well-make wine
70-79: Average; a drinkable wine that may have minor flaws
60-69: Below average; drinkable but not recommended
50-59: Poor, undrinkable; not recommended


Wine Dine Tv Rating System

4.9-5: Superb Dream wine
4.5-4.8: Great wine
4.0-4.4: Pretty Good wine
3.5-3.9: Good; a solid, well-make wine
3.0-3.4: Average; a drinkable wine
Below 2.9, we wont talk about it, but perhas it will end up in a stew.



  • You are absolutely right about that we do not have identical palate and taste, and we do experience it all the time when tasting wine together. This is why we mentioned in our article that “The ratings may be based on the experiences of experts, but that does not mean you will like a 99 point wine more than an 89 point wine since your taste preference might be different.”
    Thank you and Cheers:)

  • the bald viveur says:

    I use ratings to help but they are far from the be-all and end-all of wine. Unless you have an identical palate and taste to the taster, they will always be a highly subjective measure.

    I rate this article 4/5 🙂

  • VinoDiva says:

    I do look at the ratings, but tend to pick what I like based on experience.

  • I would like to see more of these kinds of ratings on the wine I buy. Perhaps I’m not looking closely enough. Still, it would be nice to put a number to each wine I choose to enjoy.

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