Bobby Flay Texas Burgers

Bobby Flay Texas Burgers

When we are craving an extra flavorful burger, Bobby Flay Texas Burgers comes to mind. Hard to decide which one is the best the Blue Cheese Burger, Taco Burger or his Texas Beef Burger. He is one of he best chef’s in the USA to cook a creative juicy burger. Better yet let’s have Bobby come to your house and make you a perfect burger… In the meantime we just have to make due with this video and learn from Bobby’s tricks. At the Classic in Aspen, Bobby is showing how to make a perfect meat patty:
Bobby: Do not buy lean meat! Buy beef with some fat in it. The ratio shall be 80% meat and 20% fat.
Take the plain beef meat and form with your hand a patty. Make your patties pretty flat with a few indentations so it can rise up on the grill. Do not flatten out with your grilling tools.
Season deliberately with salt and Pepper. Lay your burger petty on a hot indoor or outdoor grill. The best way to grill is take yourself out the equation. Let the grill do its job.
Season the Texas Burger patty on top with a Texas style spice rub. This rub has a little paprika, chili powder, dried mustard, cumin, and coriander. Let it cook.

In the meantime lets make an Avocado relish, the mine kind like a chunky Guacamole. Use a ripe California avocado they are creamier.
Turn the burgers.
To make the avocado relish, spoon out the scored avocado into a bowl.
Add diced jalapenos, chopped red onions, chipotle, (it is a smoked jalapeno and it gives a lot of favor)
Then add chopped cilantro or you can add parsley or basil both work really well. Season with salt and on the end some fresh lime juice.

Tomato Salsa, you will need chopped tomatoes, diced jalapenos, chopped red onions, chipotle, chopped cilantro and salt. Add a little red wine vinegar and a splash of olive oil.

Top with Blue cheese for the Blue Cheese Burger.
For the Nacho Burger use Monterey Jack cheese.
To melt the cheese place a metal bowl over the burger for a few minutes. There is nothing worst then not having properly melted cheese on the burger.

Place burgers on toasted buns and serve the
Blue Cheese burger with red onion jam (red onions, red wine and honey cooked down). Think blue cheese and red wine together. Then top with watercress and some Dijon mustard.
When I think Texas I think brisket served with BBQ sauce. SO to- the Texas Burger with a good brand of BBQ sauce and some coleslaw and pickles.
The Nacho Burger top with avocado relish and tomato salsa and blue corn chips for great texture.

Now you can make burgers at home like Bobby Flay!



Here are a few more of Bobby Flay’s special BBQ recipes:

Bobby Flay BBQ Green Chile Cheese Burger

Bobby Flay and Executive Chef Enrique Guerrero of La Casa Sena show you how to grill Green Chile Cheese Burgers in New Mexico. It starts with roasted Green Chiles that are made into a sauce. The ground beef just has salt and pepper and is grilled until done. Then topped withAsadero Cheese, which is a stringy Mexican Cheese. If you don’t have that you can substitute Mozzarella Cheese, Jack Cheese, or Provolone. Put the chile sauce on top and they are ready to go on a bun with onion and tomato and serve. Pairs well with Beer.


Bobby Flay Grilled Chicken wings in Chipotle Hot Sauce, served with Blue Cheese-Yogurt Dip

Chef Bobby Flay adds a new twist to grilling on Boy Meets Grill. He takes viewers to his favorite New York spots to collect ingredients, inspiration and the occasional friend to help complete an al fresco feast in an urban rooftop setting. While grilling everything from lobsters to dessert, Bobby will show you how to entertain in style when cooking outdoors.


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