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Free eCookbook Recipe eBookHope you had a wonderful July. As you may have noticed (or not) we have been missing from the blog world this whole month and also changed our name from Wine Dine Daily to Glamorous Bite. Why Glamorous Bite? Because we are very excited to bring you more healthy recipes with the occasional indulgence that will make you feel more healthy and glamorous!

Everybody is talking about food these days and regimes like Paleo, Vegan, Raw Food, and Gluten-Free, which are beneficial for those with special diet needs. And then there are the fads like Cabbage Soup Diet, Cookie Diet, and South Beach Diet that come and go, but instead of chasing trends we focus on every day healthy and natural eating and what makes our bodies feel better.

Judit and Dad Budapest

Judit with her 94 year old dad


Corina and Grandma Budapest

Corina with her grandma

Our July started with a family emergency and we decided to go to Europe (yes in the middle of the busiest travel season) to be with Judit’s elderly parents (Corina’s grandparents) that needed our help. Everything is fine now and we will be posting about our adventures soon. During the three weeks we were traveling, we had 10 takeoffs/landings on 9 planes with 7 delays, 1 missed flight, 1 missing suitcase (it was somewhere between Budapest, Berlin, and Oslo for three days). Besides that it was a wonderful trip filled with good memories, a little beer and lots of gelato.

Free eCookbook Recipes EBookNow that we are back, we would like to celebrate by giving away a FREE eCookbook with 20 of our favorite Healthy and Indulgent Santa Barbara Recipes! To get the eBook sent to you just sign up to our email newsletter below. For this cookbook we thought to compile healthy and some of our indulgent recipes for you to enjoy and we pair them with fabulous wines from the Santa Barbara wine region. We even add a touch of wine to some of our dishes for an extra layer of flavor. Go ahead, sign up to get the eCookbook, we know you want to.
[download1 file=”http://glamorousbite.com/ebooks/free-ecookbook-glamorous-bite-recipes.pdf” title=”Get Your FREE eCookbook”]

In this cookbook you can find recipes like Lemon Rosemary Chicken Santa Barbara served with Couscous with Tomatoes and Broccoli, Pea Tendril Salad with Farmer’s Market vegetables, Margarita Fajitas, Watermelon Berry Mint Salad with Rose Syrup, and Wine Poached Pears to name a few. The ingredient amounts are given in both metric and the U.S. system of measurement with easy to follow directions and full color photos.

Free Ebook Glamorous Bite SaladsThis year in the Spring our way of cooking changed due to Judit’s husband being diagnosed with a rare type of diabetes. To help him improve his condition and eat better we did a lot of research and a crash course in nutrition and how certain food affect your body. We examined how we cooked and how we ate and realized the effects of ingredients on our bodies. It doesn’t mean depriving yourself, everything can be enjoyed in moderation or with alternative ingredients, like instead of refined sugar we try to use coconut sugar now and instead of bleached white flour we use whole wheat or almond flour. Small changes can big difference and Judit’s husband has improved immensely and we both lost some weight, even without trying. During our travels we didn’t deprive ourselves of tempting treats, but made sure to balance some of the other meals more.

Hop you will find a few good recipes in our eCookbook to make your summer parties more delicious with your family and friends! Please share it so more people can enjoy.



  • marcie says:

    I lean on eating on the healthy, fresh side, so I love your style of cooking! I’m sorry to hear about Judit’s husband, but glad that the healthier dishes you’re whipping up have improved his health. I love the new name, and it is appropriate, because your food always does look glamorous! :)

    • Thank you so much Marcie for your kind words! You do have some very nice and healthy recipes too :)
      We all feel so much better since we eat low carb, no refined sugar diet. Just love the additional benefit of loosing some extra weight without having to watch calories.

  • Glad the family emergency worked out ok. It must have been stressful to have had to travel such a distance.Love the new blog name! Can’t wait to see more recipes from you gals! :)

    • Hi Christin, we are very thankful that all went well, and it was wonderful to visit family in Europe. Summer travel is double hectic specially we had several fly delays and a missing suitcase to add to our travel diary.
      We are so glad that you like the new blog name, it was not a quick decision and now finally we did it :)

  • Love your food, they are not only healthy, also very delicious, and your photography is amazing.

  • Glad all is well health wise with the families. Sounds like a fun and crazy trip. Congrats on the name change, looking forward to seeing the future posts.

    • Thank you so much Evelyne! It was wonderful to be back home in Europe. We never had so much delays and problems on a trip before, but it was worth it to hop on 9 planes in 3 weeks :)

  • Samantha says:

    Just signed up for your new cookbook and it is fabulous! Beautiful food photography, delicious recipes, and entertaining too. I will definitely share it and can’t wait to make the poached halibut for dinner and the pears for dessert!

  • Karen (Back Road Journal) says:

    Healthy but tasty eating is important to all of us. Good luck with your cookbook.

  • I sssooo missed you two! Seriously, I kept coming back and thinking “Where are they?” “What are they doing”!!! You two have such amazing ideas and posts that I was really missing you – and I’m so glad you’re back. I’m sorry to hear about Judit’s husband, but I’m so impressed with how you’ve rallied around to support and address what is going on!! Welcome back everyone! Here’s to good health, yes?

    • You are so sweet Kristi, and sorry that we just disappeared for so long, but we were overwhelmed with several family emergencies. Luckily Paul (Judit’s husband) is feeling a little better and hopefully on the road of recovery. The upside to this all that we had a wonderful visit with our family in Europe and we all eat more healthy!
      Wishing you a delicious summer :)

  • Maggie says:

    I share the same ideology about healthy eating everyday. I have downloaded the e-book and it looks fantastic!
    Hope you have a great weekend and looking forward to more glamorous recipes :)

  • I am so glad that I came across your beautiful blog!!!! I can’t wait to go through all of your recipe archives and drool over the amazing photos! :) I’m sorry about the family emergency and good to know everything is okay! :)

    • Thank you Samina, we are happy you visited us and hope that you will enjoy the recipes in our eBook and on the blog too! Everything turned out fine and it was wonderful to see the family. :) J+C

  • Carl P. says:

    The book and blog are awesome! I’m amazed the the photos and the food looks great. Bookmarking and sharring your site.

  • Margot says:

    What a beautiful cookbook and the recipes are stunning! I am so glad I found your food blog and can’t wait for more posts. The Coconut Cake and Watermelon Berry Salad are my favorites so far.

    • We are happy you like the cookbook and found Glamorous Bite too Margot. We will be bringing you many more healthy and indulgent recipes and hopefully more favorites as well. J+C

  • I’m so glad to hear that everything worked out ok for your family, and am thrilled to have you gals back! I’ve been a bit out of the action, too – just cramming in summer adventures with the kiddos – so I’m only now reading your big, exciting news about your new blog name and your gorgeous ebook! Congratulations, all around! You know I am 100% behind your concept of “every day healthy” eating! Lots of deliciousness and a little indulgence … sounds just perfect! And oooooh … I can’t wait to peek through that beautiful cookbook! High-five and excited hugs to you both! :D

    • Thank you Shelley, we are also happy things turned out well with the family situation and that we got to visit them and we are glad you like the eBook and new Glamorous Bite name! We have been so much more conscious of what we eat these past months and trying out different and new things that we hope to share on the blog. Have a wonderful summer! J+C

  • James says:

    Got the book and it’s full of awesome photography and lots of recipes that I want to make! Looking forward to many more Glamorous Bite recipes from Judit and Corina!

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