Commercial & Residential opportunity in France

Huelgoat 70 72 Rue Des Cieux FranceThis Commercial & Residential opportunity in France consists of two separate buildings and would be a fabulous location for a hotel, restaurant, seminars or even cooking classes. This remarkable property is located in the picturesque and enchanting French village of Huelgoat, high in the Parc d’Armorique in central Finistère, which is a popular tourist destination for its magical setting amidst the ancient forest of Brittany.The name Huelgoat (pronounced well-gwat) means high wood in Breton and is a true paradise for nature lovers, cyclists and horseback riders or for those who are simply looking for tranquility.  In Argent Valley you can explore amazing boulder formations and moss covered boulders.

The first building, a hotel, could be transformed into a spectacular home, offers the following features:
• 10 en suite bedrooms, a main salon and bar.
• Updated commercial-grade kitchen, about 4 years old.
• A spacious restaurant/bar easily seating 75.
• Adjoining 1-bedroom apartment.
• Generous ground-level storage.
• Plenty of parking spaces.
• The property’s former restaurant won the Daily Telegraph’s, “Best of British Business” award in
2010 for Best Restaurant in France.
• Ideal for commercial ventures or for transformation into a home.
Price Upon Request.

Nestled at the beginning of the driveway is a large second house awaiting your TLC with the following
• Dining room with fireplace and large kitchen.
• Entertain in either of the 2 living rooms.
• 4 bedrooms.
• Includes 2 powder rooms and a full bath.
• Above-ground basement with an integral garage, utility room plus a wine cellar.
• The house’s exterior is made of solid granite.
• Relax and enjoy the outdoors in a lovely garden.
• Many possibilities for renovations.
Price Upon Request.

Huelgoat Real Estate France

Huelgoat Hotel 70 72 Rue des Cieux FranceCommercial & Residential opportunity in France

Huelgoat Hotel RestaurantThere are many attractions to keep you entertained in the town, like the open air Traditional Market and even an outdoor swimming pool. The town of Huelgoat also hosts the annual Mountain Biking Festival which attracts close to 6,000 cyclist.

The “Les Vielle Charrou” event in July is one of Europe’s largest annual week-long open air music festivals and is hosted just in the next town. This festival attracts estimated 60,000 music lovers and enthusiasts. (Bruce Springsteen has topped the bill and for next year Elton John is planned)
In this scenic village you can enjoy authentic and nuevo foods and your taste buds will sing chansons from the local restaurants.

The property would be ideal for commercial ventures or could be transformed into a spacious home and could perhaps lend itself to the future possibilities of cooking classes, workshops for small groups.

70 & 72 Rue Des Cieux Huelgoat, France

For more details or to schedule a tour, contact (916) 804-4458 or

Huelgoat Map FranceHeulgoat Map Region France

Huelgoat Map  70 72 Rue des Cieux Huelgoat, France

Huelgoat Hotel

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    Looks so lovely! I always dreamt about having my own B&B, wish I could just move to France one day.

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