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Couscous Salad Cherry Tomatoes Broccoli

Couscous Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Broccoli

Whenever we need a fast side dish to accompany a weekday meal we make a little couscous. There are very few other sides that are easier to cook than couscous. The small kernels looks like grain, but actually it is related to pasta and we

French Toast

French Toast and Champagne

May oh May how we love you! Yesterday we were enjoying a sweet pre Mother's Day brunch in the garden. The warm balmy air was suffused with the scent of roses and various lovely spring blooms. The slightly salty breeze from the ocean ruffled

Restaurant Reviews

Il Fornaio Restaurant

Il Fornaio Restaurant Beverly Hills

We know that Christmas may now be just a sweet memory for you as January is well on it's way, but we just want to share this restaurant experience with you and it would be a great place for a Valentine's Day dinner too. Each year we are

Bottega Louie Restaurant

Bottega Louie in Los Angeles

If you have been to Downtown Los Angeles lately, you notice that every block has several restaurants. Many new places have sprung up with chic decor and hip people offering exciting and exotic cuisine.It is such a temptation to go out to